Name: Elite Rank
Price: 14.99

Ranks: Elite ($14.99)

Thank you for supporting our server!


Ability to fly in hub.

➕ 5 Homes via /sethome [name]. 

➕ Access to one backback with 9 slots. /bp #

Access to /donorshop

Access to /kit Elite

Ability to chat in-game through discord.

Access to premium rewards.

Receive 1 free crate key bundle per month.

Ability to display items in chat.

Ability to create 100 player shops.

Access to 100 Bonus Claim Blocks Per Hour.

Access to 10+ in-game emojis. /emojis

Access to 10+ morphs. /morphs

Ability to use Dark Gray, Gray and Magenta in chat.

Ability to add and bid on 9 items in the auction house. /ah

Bypass Chat Cooldown.

Ability to have two player warps at any given time.

Ability to join server when it is full.

tag in-game.

Emojis: (/emoji, /emojis)

Morphs: (/morph, /morphs, /disguises)

- Bee, Parrot, Bat, Turtle, Dolphin, Llama, Cave Spider, Spider, Donkey, Zombie


/seen - ability to see when a player was last online.

/tpahere - Ask other players to teleport to them.

/tptoggle - Turn off others teleporting to them.

/back - enables a player to go back to their last location. 

/craft - enables player to have a virtual crafting table.

/recipe - enables player to look up a specific crafting recipe

/sit - ability to sit on anything in-game.

/near - enables player to reveal players near you.

/me - ability to send a special message to all players.

/realname - checks a player's real name.

/fly - allows player to use fly mode.

/sell all - sell all items from inventory.


Supporter Kit (2 Day Cooldown)

➕ Supporter Helmet: Diamond Helmet: Thorns II, Unbreaking II

➕ Supporter Chestplate: Diamond Chestplate: Thorns II, Unbreaking II

➕ Supporter Leggings: Diamond Leggings: Thorns II, Unbreaking II

➕ Supporter Boots: Diamond Boots: Thorns II, Unbreaking II

➕ Supporter Pickaxe: Diamond Pickaxe: Efficiency II, Fortune II, Unbreaking II

➕ Supporter Sword: Diamond Sword: Looting II, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking II

➕ Supporter Axe: Diamond Axe: Efficiency II, Forunte II, Unbreaking II

➕ Supporter Shovel: Diamond Shovel: Efficiency II, Fortune II, Unbreaking II

16x Diamonds

➕ 36x Iron Ingots

➕ 36x Experience Bottles

➕ 36x Apples

36x Steak

One-Time Bonus:

➕ Receive $20,000 in-game

➕ 25 Itherio Coins

➕ 15 mcMMO Credits

➕ 128x Experience Bottles

➕ 32x Steaks

*These items can be reclaimed after the end of the season with /reclaim.


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